Darrera was founded in 1978 by Juan Antonio Arazo, being one of the first private companies dedicated to the professional weather sector in Spain.

In its beginnings it supplied equipment for the measurement of water level and cloudiness, particles counters, satellite image receptors (Meteosat and NOAA) and rain gauges and in-house manufactured weather stations equipped with GSM transmitters.

In 1991 it achieved exclusive distribution rights for Davis Instruments in Spain and began not only selling the American firm's meteorological equipment, but also developing advice, installation, maintenance and repair services. After having installed more than 2,000 devices throughout Spanish territory, and thanks to the knowledge and experience acquired, Darrera was recognised in 2009 as the official repair center of Davis Instruments in Spain.

Parallel to the growth in the Meteorological division, the Nautical and then Automotive divisions were created, marketing products manufactured by leading brands in both sectors.

The creation of the I+D division in 2009 brings know-how to the weather equipment of Davis Instruments by way of in-house development in communications and software applications. It also means a new impulse in the development of new products focused on professional weather and new generation communications sectors.

Beginning in 2010, Darrera increased its range of professional meteorological products obtaining the representation of the German manufacturer Friedrichs and the Italian Delta Ohm, and incorporated an equipment calibration and certification service.