We deliver timely information on prevailing weather conditions to help operators minimize the risks on takeoff and landing phases.

Aviation is probably the mode of transportation most widely affected by weather conditions, from wind, fog and rapid pressure changes to thunderstorms and snow storms. Each phase of flight is likely to be impacted by weather, which poses a serious risk.

Darrera supplies high performance weather systems for aviation that provide timely, accurate and consistent meteorological data to help ensure safety on takeoffs and landings. The systems measure the current weather conditions at permanent, mobile and portable airfields and heliports, and the data reporting is available in different protocols such as METAR, SPECI, SYNOP and other local formats.

Our weather systems can be equipped with a fully customized display and a wide range of high-end sensors that optimally meet the requirements of our customers. The standard sensor suite collects data of the most critical weather variables for aviation, including wind, dew point and atmospheric pressure. Optionally, it can be expanded with additional sensors for measuring other relevant parameters such as precipitation, visibility, present weather, cloud height and runway condition. Our systems can also include an integrated atmospheric electric field monitor and lightning detector.

Customer benefits

  • Real-time measurements and data availability.
  • Fully customized display.
  • Visibility, present weather, cloud height and runway condition sensors.
  • Integrated atmospheric electric field monitor and lightning detector.