We deliver consistent weather data as part of the intelligence information required to evaluate the impact of tactical operations.

Military land, sea and air campaigns are highly dependent on the weather conditions, making military meteorology one of the most common fields of employment for meteorologists.

Darrera supplies fixed and portable weather stations specifically designed to meet the demands of tactical military use by armed forces and other agencies. All our military weather equipment is extremely rugged and need no periodic maintenance thanks to the lack of moving parts.

Fixed weather stations

Our fixed stations can be equipped with a wide range of high accuracy sensors to collect and report crucial weather data at permanent military installations, including camps, fortifications, airbases and shipyards.

Portable weather stations

Our portable stations are designed to allow a quick deployment in the field and feature a built-in compass and GPS that automatically align wind measurements to magnetic or true north. They are lightweight, easy to operate and robust enough to withstand severe environmental conditions during military missions.