Our field-proven weather systems are designed to support our customers in achieving their goals on any meteorological application.

Accurate and reliable data is essential for a variety of weather observation activities, ranging from forecasting to real-time monitoring of extreme weather events such as heat waves, droughts or snow storms. Modern meteorology and atmospheric sciences in general rely on increasingly advanced instrumentation to collect, process and analyze data that helps to understand how weather and climate affect human activity and the environment.

Darrera provides an extensive line of products for meteorology that includes complete weather stations, stand-alone sensors for integration into already existing systems and portable instruments for direct readings in the field. Our complete stations are highly flexible and support a wide range of high-end sensors, communication systems and power options to meet the requirements of each specific project.

Customer benefits

  • Extensive line of products.
  • High-end sensors and portable instruments.
  • Custom solutions for specific projects.
  • Long experience in the weather industry.