Our early warning systems monitor the current weather conditions and provide critical data to trigger prompt public interventions.

Adverse weather affects millions of people every year and can have a massive impact on their lives. Infrastructures can also result damaged as a consequence of adverse weather, producing enormous direct and indirect economic losses and thus reducing the financial resources available.

Darrera supplies early warning systems specifically designed to anticipate adverse weather conditions and enable individuals, communities and organizations to prepare and act appropriately and in sufficient time to reduce the possibility of harm or loss.

Floods & flash floods

Floods can be caused by diverse factors, such as excessive rain over an extended period of time or snow melting too fast on the mountains. No matter the origin, floods can cause immense material losses and put people in danger. Even more dangerous are flash floods, which combine the destructive power of floods with speed and unpredictability. Our flood early warning system measures water level at different strategic locations and combines the information with a mathematical model in order to anticipate and reduce flood risk.


Forest fires are a natural disaster that can put in danger not only infrastructures but also people’s lives. It may take weeks to bring a fire under control and, even after that, the consequences are usually catastrophic. Our fire warning system measures the current weather conditions and uses a mathematical model to determine the risk of fire at a specific location. The system also provides critical wind information to assist firefighters in determining the movement of the fire and evacuating people in risk.

Lightning strikes

Lightning strikes cause more injuries and even deaths than any other natural phenomena. Our lightning warning system continuously monitors the atmospheric electric field in order to detect the conditions that precede lightning strikes. Measuring the electric field instead of actual strikes is key to provide critical information on the probability of strikes occurring at a specific location with enough time to trigger adequate protection measures.

Strong winds

Strong winds can produce heavy damage on infrastructures like bridges, roads or power lines. Our wind warning system alerts of increasing winds and strong gusts so authorities can take the proper actions to minimize their impact.