Count on our know-how and large experience in the installation and commissioning of weather systems to ensure a smooth deployment.

Darrera provides a comprehensive installation and commissioning service that includes all the different steps required in order to guarantee that your weather system is deployed in the correct manner and according to specifications.

Site survey

Our technical staff always conducts a previous site survey to confirm that your proposed location meets all the requirements to install your weather system. This includes checking the terrain, looking for near obstacles and noise sources, reviewing communications and power availability and analyzing microclimate conditions.


Counting on the proper team is essential for a successful and long-lasting installation. Our technical staff accumulates years of experience in the installation of weather systems, which translates into full confidence from our customers.


The commissioning process comprises the start-up and initial calibration of the weather system. This stage is of critical importance in order to get the system up and running correctly and ensure the quality of the data provided.

Software configuration

Each weather system comes with a software package that allows retrieving, analyzing, plotting and exporting the data obtained by the system. Our technical staff configures the software according to the specific requirements of our customers.