We generate real-time information on precipitation and water level to improve water resource management and enable flood warnings.

Water is a precious and limited resource, yet all life on Earth depends on it. With an ever-increasing world’s population and further demand from industrialization and urbanization, new water supply challenges arise requiring a more effective and efficient use of water, along with reducing flood and drought risks.

Darrera supplies hydro-meteorological stations that help to better understand hydrological and terrestrial processes that determine the quality and quantity of water available in rivers and reservoirs to improve its management and distribution.

Furthermore, hydropower is a vast, clean and renewable source of energy that is among the best solutions for sustainable power generation. Our stations also provide crucial information for the operation of hydropower plants, thus optimizing the production of energy and controlling the risk of flood.

Customer benefits

  • Network of remote stations.
  • Configurable alarm thresholds.
  • Real-time measurements and data availability.
  • Online platform for data analysis and download.