We provide the renewable energies industry with high accuracy sensors and data logging solutions for preliminary eolic and solar site assessments.

Oil, coal and natural gas are the three types of fossil fuels that we mostly depend on for our energy needs, from home heating and electricity to fuel for our cars and mass transportation. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide, the number one greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. In the Arctic and Antarctica, warmer temperatures are already causing the ice to melt, which will in the end increase the sea level and impede settlement and agriculture in coastal areas. Air pollution is also a direct result of the use of fossil fuels, resulting in smog and degradation of human health and ecosystems.

In contrast, the use of renewable energy sources helps to reduce global carbon dioxide emissions and adds flexibility to the energy resource mix by decreasing our dependence on limited reserves of fossil fuels. Sun and wind are perfect energy sources since they are renewable, efficient and non-polluting.

Solar power plants

Darrera provides weather systems that help to evaluate and select potential locations for the construction of solar power plants. We also offer solutions to monitor in real time the overall performance of already existing facilities and to protect solar trackers in the event of hazardous weather conditions that may cause material damage.

Wind farms

As with solar power plants, the location of a new wind farm determines its future capacity and performance. Our weather systems help to select the most suitable location for the wind farm based on the actual wind distribution, and also to track its performance once in operation.