Our solutions for agriculture are designed to encourage water usage efficiency and help producers to increase crop sustainability.

Agriculture is becoming more competitive and knowledge-intensive as farmers require more information to make complex decisions on water use, crop selection and new farming techniques. There is a global increasing need to effectively monitor all the variables that affect crop production and thus reduce the gap existing between potential and actual yields. Irrigation management plays an important role in this process and requires accurate data to ensure optimal results.

Darrera supplies agro-meteorological stations that measure and analyze the most significant weather parameters along with soil conditions to calculate evapotranspiration and determine plant water demand and other agricultural parameters. By measuring water level in reservoirs, the stations also determine water availability and use requirements. This information is key to farmers to minimize costs and increase their productivity through a more efficient and sustainable use of water.

We also offer Integrated Pest Management (IPM) software for different crop types that calculate the pest risk level and potential danger based on the measurements performed by our agro-meteorological stations. The software acts as an early warning system, providing farmers with vital information in advance about pests and diseases they need to be aware of to protect their crops and prevent important losses.

Customer benefits

  • Real-time measurements of evapotranspiration, soil moisture and water availability.
  • Online platform for data analysis and download.
  • IPM software customizable to a specific orchard.
  • Early warning system to prevent losses.