Our monitoring solutions measure road and railway temperature and condition, visibility, wind and precipitation to enhance safety.

Roads and railways are susceptible to the effects of weather all year round. Low visibility, strong winds, heavy rains or snow events have a serious impact on the road and rail networks and can cause large economic costs due to delays, loss of power and infrastructure damage.

Darrera supplies weather monitoring solutions for the road and rail sectors that help maintenance staff to mitigate the effects of weather conditions on the roads, tracks, switch points and overhead catenary systems in order to guarantee both reliable operation and safety for passengers and vehicles at all times.

Our weather stations are installed at different points on the same road or train line to help avoid unnecessary delays by ensuring that traffic and speed restrictions are introduced only in those sections affected by weather. The standard sensor suite measures the most critical weather variables for road and rail infrastructures, and can be expanded with additional sensors for collecting data of other relevant parameters, including road and railway temperature and condition, snow depth and present weather.

Customer benefits

  • Network of remote stations.
  • Real-time measurements and data availability.
  • Online platform for data analysis and download.
  • Early warning system to prevent losses.