StrikeAlert® HD

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The most advanced lightning detector. Features a wide color screen and uses audible, visual (LEDs and on screen) and vibration alarms.

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Enjoying outdoor leisure safely

StrikeAlert® HD is the most advanced lightning detector. It uses audible, visual (LEDs and on screen) and vibration alarms to indicate the distance of the lightning strikes, allowing to know at all times the activity of a storm within a radius of up to 40 miles. This information is vital to safely enjoy all kinds of outdoor leisure activities, such as hiking, cycling or sailing.

The evolution of a classic

StrikeAlert® HD is the evolution of the popular StrikeAlert® portable lightning detector. This new version of the device maintains the high accuracy and reliability of its predecessor in a completely new design, which is now more modern, ergonomic and with a wide color screen.

StrikeAlert® HD can be carried comfortably everywhere, either in the pocket or attached to the belt or backpack using its carabiner cord. Its sturdy design made of plastic ensures high shock resistance. The 2 included AA batteries guarantee a long life before having to be replaced.

Advanced and easy-to-use technology

The device performs a full 360º scan, while most lightning detectors on the market leave blind spots as they only cover an angle of 180º.

An alarm sounds each time an electrical discharge is detected and the corresponding LED lights up according to the distances of 24 to 40 miles, 12 to 24 miles, 6 to 12 miles and less than 6 miles. The device also vibrates each time an electrical discharge is detected, increasing its duration as the storm approaches. StrikeAlert® HD is based on the trend of the distances of the lightning strikes during the last 5 minutes to determine whether the storm approaches, moves away or is stationary, and shows its trend and intensity in a histogram of the last hour with 5-minute intervals.